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EasyStart™ 364 Installation Kit for RV Rooftop A/Cs
Micro-Air, Inc.

EasyStart™ 364 Installation Kit for RV Rooftop A/Cs

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Product Overview
Convenient Installation Kit compatible with all rooftop A/C models.
Bought your EasyStart™ 364? It could be dangerous up on your roof, watch your step. And don’t get up on the roof without everything you’ll need! We’d hate to see you have to climb down and up an extra time unnecessarily. We’ve fabricated this generic kit for the Professional or DIY installer. It contains the rooftop solar panel grade 3M double-sided tape, crimps, wires and connectors needed for a 364 installation on any rooftop A/C. Don’t fret if you have a piece or two leftover in your zip lock. Not every wiring diagram you find on our site requires every component sent to you. It depends on the model of your A/C unit. This convenient kit contains the components most often required. 
    • Various crimp terminals for wiring in your EasyStart™
    • 3M Double-Stick Foam tape
    • Plastic bushing (split)
    • Extra #14 AWG wire (for pigtail from relay, if applicable)
    • Tie wraps
Specific instructions for some RV A/C models may be found in the EasyStart™ Knowledge Bank.