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EasyTouch™ Control Display (6-Pin)
Micro-Air, Inc.

EasyTouch™ Control Display (6-Pin)

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Product Overview
Micro-Air EasyTouch™ Control Display (6-Pin) Most Advanced Marine Cabin Control Display in the World
The EasyTouch Display Control is Micro-Air's newest display control, and it employs the very latest microcontroller and TFT LCD technology.

It has a user-friendly, 2.5" color, touch screen and is designed for use with direct expansion, reverse-cycle air conditioning systems or with chilled-water air handlers.

This special 6-pin interface model is designed to work with the A-281, A-288, MAQ, and equivalent OEM control boards.

EasyTouch has numerous unique features previously unavailable in any other control display in the marine HVAC industry.
Control Boards
A-281C: ASY-555-X0A
A-282: ASY-426
A-288D: ASY-509
MAQ: ASY-510-X01
Display Cables
6-Conductor: SUB-CXP- (Length in ft)
Bezel (cover plate)
EasyTouch™ Cover Plate/Bezel : MIS-390-X01
  • Works automatically via auto-detection with A-281, A-288, MAQ, and equivalent OEM control boards
  • User-friendly and intuitive 2.5” touch screen display requires no manual for basic operation
  • Provides all operational features and modes of any cabin control in the industry, plus many more
  • Fits Vimar® Eikon and Eikon EVO bezels (NOTE: Bezel is not included and can be ordered separately at this link)
  • 6-pin RJ-12 display interface
  • Numerous programmable parameters and system for custom installations
  • Date/Time Clock for use with Program Scheduler (w/ battery backup)
  • Advanced system status screen and 500-entry, time-stamped fault history log
  • Supports loading a custom image for display during sleep mode (requires special USB cable & PC software)
  • Adjustable display brightness, color schemes, and customizable sleep screen logo
  • Unique keypad PIN lock, commission procedure, and cleaning mode features
  • Compatible with and automatically detects legacy Cruisair® SMX and Q-Logic Control Boards
  • Utilizes existing 6-pin display cable for each swap-in replacement and upgrade
  • Supports CAN Bus Networking (with additional hardware) to connect to Crestron or other Audio-Visual control system
  • Supports both DX equipment and TW Air Handlers
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